Sharkwater Extinction’s Rob Stewart is Dead

In my previous 2018 HIFF posts, I discussed the work of Rob Stewart (The Genious Behind Sharkwater Extinction & Sharkwater Extinction’s Worldwide Impacts). With those posts in mind, you will understand why it has been difficult to write about his death. Producer, activist, Biologist, Diving Instructor, and friend to many, Rob’s tragic death occurred on his final … [Read…]

Impacts of Rob Stewart & Sharkwater Extinction

As described in my previous post “The Genious Behind Sharkwater Extinction,” Rob Stewart is the man behind the SharkExtintion movement. A movement inspired by his near-spiritual relationship with sharks since childhood. HIFF 2018, will be the first time some have heard of Rob Stewart but that does not depreciate the global impact his efforts have spearheaded. … [Read…]

The Genius Behind Sharkwater Extinction

If you are attending HIFF 2018, you may be drawn to a specific production about the extinction of sharks. If you would like to know more about the production Sharkwater Extinction and the overall causes Rob Stewart championed, look no further than the official webpage of Sharkwater Extinction Rob Stewart was born and raised in … [Read…]