ichi the killer review

This was my first film I saw for HIFF and I was not disappointed. Great fun from start to finish. Even with how old it actually is it took me this long to see it and I’ve been hearing about the film for some time. Mainly how gory or messed up it was, but I … [Read…]

the sheriff in town review

This was the second film I saw for HIFF. Sad to say I didn’t really enjoy The Sheriff in Town all that much. It’s not a bad movie at all, but it’s not a great one either. It’s just average. Feel like I’ve seen multiple comedies with similar stories and set ups like this movie. … [Read…]

lu over the wall review

This was my favorite film I was out of the 3 I saw at HIFF. It had a very fun and cute story with gorgeous animation. Funny enough, I was a bit skeptical about the animation style at first, but once it was used in more dynamic actions and movements it really shown through. The … [Read…]