HIFF Final Wrap

It was my first time to go not only Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) but also a Film festival. Since my schedule was tight, I couldn’t go to media and press event. However, I saw three movies “The Infiltrators”, “Sorry We Missed You”, “Ride Your Wave” during HIFF. I like watching movies. That’s why I’m taking a class called “Global Cinema Studies”. However, all movies I usually watch are fiction, fantasy and action movies. Other movies like horror, non-fiction and animation were not familiar for me. Therefore, I thought that this was a good opportunity to see new genre films for me, and I was trying to see movies which I don’t usually watch in a theater. Overall, it was successful. I realized that I missed so much amazing movies only because I didn’t like that genres.

I can’t choose the highlight of the festival because I enjoyed watching all three films. “The Infiltrators” is a documentary movie. What I liked about this is that it is very easy to follow events because of the way the film maker made the film. I really enjoyed a feeling of tension that I can’t experience with fiction films. Also, the film “Sorry We Missed You” changed my thought about film. I used to think that the ending of film was should be happy ends. However, this film is different, and I learned there were various kinds of endings. Moreover, watching “Ride Your Wave” was a very interesting experience for me. It is a Japanese animation. In Japan, Animation is one of popular film genre, but I didn’t know about other counties. I saw that many people enjoyed a Japanese animation, and it made me happy.   

Moreover, I really appreciate that HIFF invited students. Before I joined HIFF, I had thought these kinds of film festival are for professional people. I felt ordinary people have no connection with the event. In fact, that’s incorrect. They invited not only student but also local people. In addition, it run by many volunteers. I noticed that HIFF is familiar with local people and one of important event in Hawaii. Also, what I like about this festival is that they show various films from all over the world. I usually watch Japanese or Hollywood movies. Therefore, it was not familiar with other Asian or European films for me. Thanks to HIFF, I could realize that each country has amazing films. It was interesting for me to experience different cultures.              

  I really enjoyed the collaboration with HIFF. I could learn about professional film industry and films form around the world. I definitely recommend friends and family to join HIFF because they would have great experiences and enjoy watching many types of movies.   

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