I had fantastic time at HIFF(2019) for this semester. The selection and amount of films to premiere this HIFF was amazing. I would say this Hiff was better than the last one. I was even impress to know that we would received twenty free tickets. After, finding out that I would have free twenty tickets, I got a little carry a way.

Unfortunately, I was not able to use all my tickets. However, I was able to see a total of eight films. The eight films were: Jojo Rabbit, Can’t Stop The Dancing, Just Only Love, Altantics,Ride Your Wave,Aeronauts, We Are The Radical Monarch and Weathering With You. All film that I seen intrigue my attention, all in different ways. I had suc a great time this Hiff, it’s hard to even pinpoint which film premiere was my favorite. If, I had to pick it would be Jojo Rabbit, on the opening night for HIFF.

The reason for that would be that I was really blessed that day. I somehow got really lucky and was able to see Taika Waititi! It was just strange to me, as I was at the very back of the line. In the line, I was waiting to receive my ticket to see Jojo Rabbit.The ticket I received was for theater 1.

However, I was not able to stay in theater 1, as it turned out be full. Instead, God had another plan. The staff then helped me out to find another seat. From there on, this led to me finding a seat in theater 9. Theater 9 just turned out to be the room Taika would be speaking in.

I was not even sure if I would be able to see the film since the line was packed. Even though, I may have thought that. Something was telling me to wait it out. In the end, since I decided to wait everything turn out all right. Its amazing how things play out in life. This HIFF was very great and I was able to have a lot of memorable moments from it. I can not wait to see whats in store for the upcoming HIFF to come.

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