Here’s to Another Successful Film Festival

Every festival without fail the Hawaii International Film Festival brings us amazing and breathtaking films from all around the world. While the film festival of course features film created by local film makers there are other featured films from Japan, China, Korea, Europe, and more. Each film is special and offers us something no other film can give us.

The Aeronauts showed me amazing cinematography with shots from a hot air balloon, the silence in the sky, and the amazing special effects of make-up.  Last semester showed me a simple story of a girl and a man slowly falling in love. And last year showed me the breathtaking short film stories from Ponoc Short Film Stories. Each time I have attended the Hawaii International FIlm Festival I have always found something amazing. Whenever I look through the films being screened at the festival I get excited because of all the amazing choices.

This season’s film festival had a lot of films that will be released either later this year or early next year, so being able to see the film before everyone else is always a special perk. My sister was telling me about The Aeronauts and when I told her I had already seen it, she looked at me like I was crazy. When I told her I saw it at the Hawaii International Film Festival she asked me why she was never informed. The look on her face was hilarious, and I felt so lucky to have seen the movie, because it was amazing, and I hope everyone can have a similar experience to my own.

This season’s theme of compassion and understanding is a  really powerful one, and I think the films showed really portrayed those feelings. The goal for this theme was to show the world that some compassion and understanding can go a long way. The film as always features local and emerging filmmakers, and it shows with the different films available at the festival.

Although the 39th film festival just ended I am already looking forward to all the films that will be featured in the 40th film festival.

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