37 Seconds: What I Would Give For One More Second

37 Seconds, Written and Directed by Hikari

There are not many things left in this world that leave you feeling inspired, that give you hope that Santa must be real. Truly, these days inspiration is scarce and even more scarce – projects that are the very definition of ingenious from start to finish.

37 Seconds is a Japanese film that took part in HIFF’s New American Perspectives program. The story centers around manga artist, Yuma who is a young woman with cerebral palsy. After being taken advantage of by her boss Sakara who is constantly using her art without crediting her, Yuma goes to look for work elsewhere. After several calls to manga comic companies who are not looking for new artists, she ends up getting an interview for adult content manga comic. When the editor asks her if she has ever had sex, Yuma says that she hasn’t. The editor tells her to come back “when you’ve popped your cherry.” This is what sends Yuma on a quest for self-discovery in her sexuality and her overall identity.

Yuma finds herself in unexpectant ways and learns that she has the ability to explore just like anybody else. This movie will make you cry and laugh, leaving you wishing there was more. It’s gorgeous cinematography filled every scene with life.

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