Wrapped and Ranked

My First HIFF: Ranked

I had some high ambitions going into my first HIFF. We could see a total of twenty movies for free with our press passes, and I had planned on seeing thirteen. Unfortunately, Reality called to check in and I really only made it to five. But what I lacked in quantity was more than made up for in quality. The five movies I saw were phenomenal. Thankfully even phenomenal things can be ranked! I am ranking them, not based on how well done the movie was, because if I did the big blockbusters would obviously go first. My ranking will be on how much I enjoyed watching them. So here goes, the five movies I saw in the order I enjoyed them, least to most.

5. The Aeronauts

It kills me to put The Aeronauts last on this list, because it truly is a great movie. I am a fan of Eddie Redmayne and both he and Felicity Jones give a wonderful performance. I just had more fun watching some of the other movies.

4. Knives Out

Another big budget movie with an even bigger name cast that is painful to put so low on this list. I loved watching this movie, but to be completely honest Daniel Craig’s character annoyed me so much. Read my full review on my blog to find out why.

3. And Then We Danced

This movie made it to a solid middle of the pack spot. It was not an exceptionally well-done movie, but I am still thinking about it over a week later.

2. Signal 100

I am surprised this movie made it so high up on my list because it was ridiculous. That being said, I enjoyed the hell out of it. I watched it with my brother and we talked about nothing else for the rest of the night. This is definitely a movie made enjoyable by the people you see it with and can laugh about it with.

1.Jojo Rabbit

This is the only movie on this list that I did not struggle at all to rank. Not only was it a technically stunning film, it was just pure entertainment. I cannot rave about this movie enough; it is an absolute must-see!

So that’s it, my first HIFF ranked. Like I said before, I ranked each film by the experience I had and how much I enjoyed watching it. I was surprised that I had more fun watching the movies I hadn’t even heard about before going to HIFF than I did watching the big block-buster movies I had been anticipating. I want to hear what you all think, so please feel free to argue over my ranking in the comments!

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