Jojo Rabbit: HIFF 2019

Taika Waititi is a force to be reckon with. I can’t seem to find a reason why his films are bad. Even though a good amount of people can say that his films can be a bit too much for the audience but to be quiet honest I think he is giving just enough. Waititi was able to take such a touchy subject and somehow he was able to make it into a comedy. Not many people can actually accomplish such a feat but somehow Waititi did just that with his film Jojo Rabbit.

Jojo Rabbit directed by the Taika Waititi who also plays Imaginary Hitler. 2019

Jojo Rabbit is a film about a young German boy who wishes to become a member of the Nazi party near the end of its powerful reign. With the help of his imaginary friend Hitler he struggles to travel the righteous path towards racial and political difference. That was until he meets a young Jewish girl who begins to better change his perspective on life.

Throughout the film I must say that Waititi is an absolute genious and a complete risk taker. He was able to share such a hard topic with the main element of comedy which isn’t quite easy to accomplish. Films regarding the nazi movement can be a touchy subject to many people old and young but with Waititi he saw it as an opportunity to not only give the audience a laugh but also consider the material. I was quite amused with the film but there are many films that had me thinking in deep thought. Most of these scenes regard the actual Nazi movement such as the rejection of an non-aryan ideals and customs or the rebellious individuals within the German community. Although the childish theme is overlaying the film, it still goes beyond the limits with the horrible occurrences during such a horrible time in history. Since we are viewing this film from the perspective of a child, it makes you think what a child during this time would view the world around them. Right now children are quite safe, not having to be involved in such a horrible scenario. But to those who were living in such terrible circumstances, you wonder how could they possibly maintain their innocence. Waititi did an excellent job in portraying such a question and I must say it is a message that needs to be heard.

Overall the film was fantastic. I believe Waititi did a splendid job in going beyond the social norm and share a message that needs to be heard. Especially since the audience is currently turning into a inexpressive collective hiding away from the cold hard truth of life.

Jojo Rabbit opening film for the Hawai’i International Film Festival 2019
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