HIFF 2019: Final Word

This years film festival has been quite an enjoyable one. I wasn’t able to view as much films as I wished but I was certainly glad to watch a couple of the bigger films. Jojo Rabbit and Weathering With You were two of the biggest films to appear at the festival. Lines flooded the Dole Theater for those anticipating to catch the flick. I was lucky to have caught both films. But those who were a bit tardy weren’t so lucky. The festival was well maintained with the volunteers and the moderators. Ensuring a fulfilling experience at the movies. But I did have a bit of issues regarding this years festival.

Jojo Rabbit, The opening film of HIFF 2019.
Weathering With You, The closing film of HIFF 2019

The fact that the majority of the films were only viewed at one theater kind of ruined the experience. Previously HIFF was able to attain multiple locations to view the various lineup of films and seeing how they weren’t able to manage the task this year was a bit disappointing. The lines at Dole were quite outrageous even though I was able to enter early. But I think the one location was a struggle to not just the attendees but as well as the volunteers. Constantly seeing them running around the theater ensuring the success of the festival. But that lead to a few complications that didn’t benefit anyone. Some being delayed films and misinformation. Hopefully HIFF can learn from these mistakes and do better next time around in order to accumulate a much more successful film festival.

HIFF 2019 presented by valuable contributors such as Hawaiian Airlines and Regal Theaters.

But other than that I truly enjoyed HIFF this year. Although this is my last time as a student, I hope to one day enter HIFF as a member and a creator so that I may pursue my dream to become a filmmaker. Much like the many great creators in the past. But before that I will continue to share my support for local films as well as the film industry in general.

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