Can’t Stop the Dancing

On November 8th, I seen the film, Can’t Stop The Dancing at HIFF (2019).

Can’t Stop The Dancing (Dance with me) was the highly anticipated film and spotlight film on Japan held at HIFF. Can’t Stop The Dancing is a 2019 musical comedy film directed by Shinobu Yaguchi. Shinobu Yaguchi is a returning director to have attend HIFF (2019). Some the work he is most known for is Waterboy (2001), Wood Job (2014) and Survival Family (2017). I have not seen his other work, but I would highly consider since viewing Can’t Stop the Dancing.

The protagonist of Can’t Stop The Dancing is an overworked salary women, Shizuka Suzuki. Shizuka Suzuki has aspirations of making it big in Tokyo, thus has dedicated herself to  her job.  When, she returns home after time work, she is visited by her sister and niece. The time Shizuka spends with her niece, reminds her of the deep hatred she has for musicals. Unfortunately, Shizuka would have to confront that hatred she has for musical.

One day, Shizuka decided to take her niece to an amusement park.  At the amusement park , Shizuka and her niece happen to come across a hypnotist show there. Her niece had made a requested to be able to perform better for her dance class. However, turns out the request she made failed, but instead Shizuka accidentally fell under the spell that her niece made.This spell casted on Shizuka, leads to her to always dance and sing, whenever she hears music.

After, Shizuka discovers she is hypnotize. She wishes to find her hypnotizer to undo the spell. Shizuka becomes so desperate to break the spell that she asks for important meeting to be pushed back. Her desperation to break the spell would lead to her making risky decisions–financial issues and somehow a road-trip.

As, I watch this film I was entertain to see how Shizuka’s life would play out due her spell condition. Shizuka’s spell has often allowed for embarrassing and hilarious moment to be seen on screen. I was quite captivated with this film and would gladly recommend for others to watch. 

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  1. Alayna Call

    Hey Xaviera! I love musicals so this sounds like a movie I would enjoy really watching. This reminds me of the movie Isn’t It Romantic with Rebel Wilson who plays a woman that hates Rom-Coms until she hits her head and wakes up to find her life has become one. Your review of Can’t Stop The Dancing makes me want to watch it, I will definitely be keeping my eye out for it!

  2. bradley Nelson

    I love that the hypnosis worked on the wrong person, especially when the result is as ironic the person who hates musicals being stuck in one. I really like musicals and comedies, I think its great when the two can come together.

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