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This film SLAPS! I am all for medieval romance and drama, especially if it is focused around a powerful woman. Being a rendition of Hamlet, I love how the film instead chooses to follow the story of Ophelia, his romantic interest. This was an interesting choice as a way to adopt a beloved classic into something more modern.

As all Shakespearian tragedies tend to go, the love story went from 0 to 100 in about twenty minutes. There was no build up, or really even conversation between Ophelia and Hamlet before it was determined that they were destined to be together. However, the tension and romance was there to be observed and appreciated.

I also appreciated how the perspective shifted at the end to only Ophelia, emphasizing how she created a safe haven and future for herself and her child, rather then following suit to the violent ways of her fellow castle-goers.

Overall, I was a big fan. As a feminist, I loved the female empowerment throughout the film, as well as the focus on a woman rather than a typical male knight as the hero. 10/10

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