HIFF Photograph Part 2 Review

Before reading this second part of a blog post, I recommend reading part one my review of Photograph. For part 2 I will be mostly be looking at the ending of the film and my general thoughts on the film.

After watching the male and female lead develop their relationship into something the audience can call at least friends, the show shifts to a flashback of the two at a movie theatre. After a rat runs across the foot of the female lead she hurriedly leaves the theatre to sit in the lobby to wait for the male lead. While she is waiting the male lead enters the scene following after her and sits next to her and the final awkward conversation takes place.

The male lead describes the rest of the plot of the film which might actually be how the rest of this film goes, but I was really unsure. After he finishes his little description the two of them decide to leave the theatre to do something else and the two walk off the scene and then the film ends. Yup, that’s the ending. We don’t find out if they actually get together, if she leaves her family, if her family accepts her relationship, nope the audience essentially gets nothing.

As the credit rolled I remember just casually waiting there for a little while waiting for the rest of the film to play. When it didn’t at first I felt upset that I had just two hours watching a film where there was more silence than dialogue, when I wondered what was the point of this film. I thought of what I gained after watching this film. For me, even now when I have thought about it for quite a bit, I still do not feel as if I have gained anything. I would not recommend watching this film, but if you are curious about it the film should be released on Amazon pretty soon, so I guess check it out?

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