It Comes Review

First of all, this film was horrifying. Just straight up scary. Some might say I got the heebie-geebies. Others might say “was it actually that bad?.” To which I would respond: Yes.

That being said, it was incredibly appealing as far as the compelling visuals and storyline. From the intro to the credits, the artistic choices made, regarding color and collaboration, provided beautiful images that encouraged viewers to feel what the director wanted us to. These feelings were of course horror and fear, but it went to a deeper level than that. The visuals reached into the viewer’s soul and just embedded the creepiness into it. Before you ask, no, I’m not just being dramatic.

The gore was somehow tasteful and excessive at the same time. It was like, wow, there’s all this blood spilling but it matches so nicely with the background colors and oh look, the sun is setting. It did get to be pretty bizarre as the movie progressed alongside the plot. Once the storyline started getting blurry, the images became more creative and abstract, and moderately outlandish.

Going on about the plot, it was very very well thought out and clear in the first 75%, and then everything started getting funky. I respect this as a directive decision but as a viewer it was really confusing and very distracting.

Overall, I feel like this film was incredibly well done with stunning visuals. It certainly accomplished the terror it was going for…I had nightmares.

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