Wrap Analysis (2018,HIFF)

During the Hawaii international film festival, I had the privilege of viewing 7 films. The 7 films were apart of the university student showcase. Personally, I did not attend an in-person press event but instead was able to connect with others that had attended the event to get multiple perspectives. The highlight for me was getting to witness the Q&A after the event. The directors opened up and it was the first time I had got to see the directors view of the film. Participating in the HIFF men that I was able to get a first-hand look at the amateur filmmaking experience. The film Mr. Silverman directed by Jay Hubert changed my perspective on the struggles and judgment that street performers face. I thought that some of the films lacked quality and failed to keep my attention. Hawaii is a mixing pot of cultures and so naturally so would the film festival. It was great to see such diversity not only in the audience but in the films themselves. I would highly recommend my friends and family to attend HIFF. Personally, I think that there is so much more from the perfection and guidelines of the big budget films. I would have liked to see more student films at the University Student Showcase.  

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