Skating is (MY) life

Directed by Kyle Motonaga the short film Skating is MY steps into the life of Kekoa, an early 30’s skate obsessed resident of Hawaii. The documentary film dives into the different avenues of his life slitting each chapter into the parts of his equipment. Kekoa finds himself experiencing the struggle that most young athletes suffer along with the complications of living in the middle of the Pacific. As he tunes his craft doors begin to open up and allow him to travel to California to attend a camp of well-renowned coaches.


In my opinion, the work struggled in the ability to smoothly deliver the story of his talent and would have benefited from taking a look at a longer time frame. More of a build up would have put the significance of his achievement into perspective. However, the film was engaging and I hope to see more work from Kyle Motonaga.  

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One Comment

  1. Rose St. Hilaire

    I felt the same way about the film. It was great but definitely needed a longer time frame. Great job and thanks for the popcorn and ICEE 😛

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