MULT 2000 HIFF Symposium

Before the HawaiĘ»i International Film Festival kicked off, the Global Cinema Studies class was able to produce a creator’s symposium to hear from local filmmakers in the community. The creators who were in attendance were Erin Lau, Vince Keala Lucero, Christopher Makoto Yogi, Christopher Kahunahana, Roy Tjoe and Dean Des Jarlais. They were able to provide great input about the local film community as well as their own experiences with the profession.

Apart from the panelists, the crew who helped set up everything really pulled their weight in making this event go smoothly. I was one of the directors who helped in the set up of this project and I am quite proud of those who put in the effort to make this happen. But I must say that it wasn’t a smooth ride to begin with. Since many of the students didn’t have too much experience with the equipment, they had to learn on the spot. Luckily some of them were quite quick learners. Another problem that we encountered is basically the fact that certain students didn’t apply any interest or assistance into the project which made the set up even more difficult for us. To those who came to our aid I appreciate what you did for those who didn’t pull any weight at all. Even if you didn’t do anything but were willing to do something I greatly appreciate your determination as well.

Overall the event was quite well done. I hope that when I work with an actual film crew, things go a little more smoother and we are better prepared. But good job to everyone involved.

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