Mr. Silverman

Mr.Silverman was a film telling the story of a street performer based in the heart of Honolulu. Waikiki is the hub for thousands of travelers of all different walks of life all providing a mixed bag of attitudes that poke holes at his silver screen. Mr. Silverman is depicted as an alcoholic who paints himself head to toe in silver to go earn his dollar as a mime. He finds himself in a conflicting situation that forces him out of his comfort zone.  

The storyline was designed to gracefully deliver the rising climax and resolution all in the short film constraints. Far above the production value of others presented in the University Student showcase. Director Jay Hubert was able to use elements of cinematography such as using varying camera angles, low light scenarios, and transition effects to get the audience into the mood of his characters. Overall the film was outstanding and left me wanting to tell the story of a Mr. Silverman in my life.

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