Impacts of Rob Stewart & Sharkwater Extinction

As described in my previous post “The Genious Behind Sharkwater Extinction,” Rob Stewart is the man behind the SharkExtintion movement. A movement inspired by his near-spiritual relationship with sharks since childhood. HIFF 2018, will be the first time some have heard of Rob Stewart but that does not depreciate the global impact his efforts have spearheaded.

In addition to the credit Rob gives his first shark interaction with his fearless attitude toward sharks, ELAINA ZACHOS wrote a National Geographic article titled Why Are We Afraid of Sharks? There’s a Scientific Explanation. This article further adds scientific data supporting Rob’s explanations he often discussed with the public. Zachos writes, “The benefits of having sharks around far outweigh the negatives.”  She echoes the same message as Stewart, highlighting how the shark population is essential to the global ecosystem and the impacts of their diminishing population. Additionally, Zachos also blames Hollywood as one of the many factors attributing the fears people have of sharks. She specifically blames the creators of the 1975 blockbuster Jaws for “perpetuating the theme of sharks as villains.” Rob would argue sharks are anything but villains and his films highlight this perspective.

In one of the action shots from Revolution, Rob highlighted the bond he had formed with sharks. The shot of him swimming through a pool of numerous sharks and another of him filming hundreds of hammerheads showed the fearless nature of this bond. These shots have shown worldwide audiences that there are more to these prehistoric creatures than the vindictive bloodthirsty beast represented in Jaws.

Rob made appearances in numerous TV Shows including; Larry King Live, The Today Show, Tonight Show, The Late Show, Nightline, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, ET Canada, Bloomberg, The Hour, BBC1, MTV, and others. His films have received both positive and negative feedback from audiences around the world. According to his supporters, his groundbreaking documentaries have changed behaviors worldwide by shaming and by applying political pressures.

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