the sheriff in town review

This was the second film I saw for HIFF. Sad to say I didn’t really enjoy The Sheriff in Town all that much. It’s not a bad movie at all, but it’s not a great one either. It’s just average. Feel like I’ve seen multiple comedies with similar stories and set ups like this movie. It was supposed to be a comedy, but there seemed to be very little jokes or gags throughout the film. And the jokes that were there were rather basic and done many times before. Can’t really think of any really stand out jokes that got a big laugh out of me. What’s bad is that the acting was fine and none of the actors gave off any vibes off them being new or lacking in experience. The camera work was also well done and I saw no problems with the editing style or flow of the film at all. I just found the story and comedy to be rather basic and lacking. And it’s not like the jokes used were ones that only would be understood or found funny from a Korean culture. All of the gags and jokes made sense from pretty much any culture. Kind of wish I knew someone Korean that could have gone with me or could ask if this was a good Korean comedy. I know the booklet and before showing speech said that was a successful Korean comedy, but I’ve not seen many, or any really, Korean comedies so I can’t tell how truthful those claims really are. I fell a bit mean about how harsh I’m being to this film, but I find it’s worth more to be honest about reviews than just sugar coating them in order to anger or step on anyone’s toes. I guess this opens me up to the idea to seeing more Korean made comedies since I could get something to compare to and hopefully see some good ones. Really, I chose this movie due to it being at a decent time for me watch and be able to hit a bus.

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