ichi the killer review

This was my first film I saw for HIFF and I was not disappointed. Great fun from start to finish. Even with how old it actually is it took me this long to see it and I’ve been hearing about the film for some time. Mainly how gory or messed up it was, but I honestly don’t think it was that gory in general. I guess it could have been for the time it originally came out. Anyways, I loved the camera work and editing style the film uses. Gives it a real nice gritty feeling to it. A lot of fun little editing tricks I liked and wouldn’t mind seeing more of in other films. The story is a pretty basic story overall with some fun little twists her and there, but it is a rather interesting look into how screwed up a human can. The “main character” Ichi is a very odd character and just warped his view on everything is. And the fact he’s really not the driving character of the story when get to it. He’s more of a weapon being used to kill people in a very brutal fashion. I think he even has some of the least amount of screen time too. I would have to say Kakihara is the real main character of the story. He’s the real driving force behind the story and the events that take place throughout it. Kakihara is also a very fun and bizarre person as well. He just stands out so much compared to the other yakuzas. Brightly colored suits and not mention is signature piercings and scars. Some of the effects though do show their age. The cgi effects do feel a bit janky and outdated now. Which is an unfortunate side effect of using cgi in that in a couple years when the tech advances the older stuff will look worse off. One of the advantages to practical effects, but I should stop using this review has my soapbox for practical effects over computer generated effects. The film did actually get me to go read the manga this was adapted from.

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