Downsizing Review

Was able to watch the film Downsizing. Such a great film! I was so fond of this movie because it managed to make light and bring the audiences subconscious to genuinely analyze the concept and themselves in life without being told to do so literally. The movie was able to execute comedy in such a light, elegant way that flowed with such a thoughtful concept.

The film kept the audience on board, entertained but also thinking. The development of the fictional concept was executed and delivered thoroughly without feeling as if the fictional concept was taken too far out of reality or green screen. The management of a fictional concept being made real was executed well. The virtual work was blended very nicely with the real motion capture. The film made me laugh but the actual humor made the audience think. The concept and storyline and a sub meaning that posed the audience to truly think without feeling like they had to but they naturally were able to. The film Downsizing was really great in such a complex thought on the reality we’re in made fictional yet relatable to our present circumstances and how we should analyze our lives and choices. I appreciated and grew by one of the films main characters, and might I add who I think was the most comical, hilarious, and best character. Anywho, by this character, she moved me in my own personal values and what is truly important in this life. When people around her chased a better life for themselves in whatever that may be from success, money, popularity, etc. This character moved people and helped people, her life was all about how who she was able to help and bless others, without selfish interests or underlying interest but by the faith and hope she had, she wanted to share it with others. I was mostly entertained and impressed by their accomplishment through their Vietnamese character, able to move and melt the hearts of the character yet laughing at everything about her. The overall idea and story line was great. The plot kept the audience interested, entertained but also looking forward, not knowing what was to be expected.



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