‘The Gangster’s Daughter’ Review

I come from the era where films such as The Godfather (1,2, and 3) , Scarface, and Goodfellas weren’t only the best gangster movies, they were the best movies period. Excuse me if my standard for a gangster film is a little high but I wasn’t impressed by ‘The Gangster’s Daughter’ and I left the theatre underwhelmed.

The movie has a predictable plot: a mother, fearful that her daughter will be like her father, moves her to an island far away from her father. The rebellious young girl is kicked out of her school for performing a gangster-like act on another student and she is sent to live with her gangster father in a distant land. The gangster father “softens” up when his daughter is ¬†around as he tries to battle with who he is and who he wants to be. In the end, he is left bleeding out in front of his daughter and he dies. The end. Nothing too intriguing happens. There was a shootout scene but it did leave much to desire.

My guess is that “gangster” wasn’t the tone that filmmaker Chen Meijuin was going for here. It seems as though he was trying to point out how people need each other and need to be close. The gangster father needed and escape route from the gangster life and his daughter needed guidance away from it. From that perspective, I like what he did.

I understand that disappointment is a result of expectations but I couldn’t help but to expect greatness from this movie. All the reviews I previously read raved about the film. This isn’t a film I would want to see again.

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One Comment

  1. Izzy Ronsse

    I really enjoy going to see a good gangster film and it hurts my heart that this one did not hit the mark. I wanted to see it and all the reviews said it was awesome. I may still see it just to film my own opinion but now I will not be fooled by the hype.

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