it’s a wrap – HIFF 2017

This year’s event at HIFF 2017 was a really good experience overall and I am glad that I had the chance to be a part of it this year as well. Not only are you as a person supporting a good cause, but also you gain real life experience in terms of social media coverage and movie reviews. The experience is more practically focused, which I appreciate because I as a person learn more effectively by experiencing it up front rather than sitting in a classroom reading about how to do it. It is great that events like HIFF exist because I believe we should all support these types of fares and filmmakers with less global presence compared to major film production companies. I truly enjoy going to the event and support people who are trying to produce movies by using their creativity. You can tell that some movies have a much tighter budget in comparison to movies produced in Universal Studios as an example, where you can tell that a lot of money has been spent. However, this fascinates me because despite having a lower budget, the movies are still qualitative.

I saw 5 movies. The movies I saw and experienced at HIFF, for example, was the movie island soldier,  that did not have an extraordinary production factor to it, but it had a clear and fascinating message. The content was directly related to the message the director was trying to bring forward. At the same time, the movie Borg vs McEnroe had a better production, but with an inconsistent message and these are the types of differences HIFF bring forward. There is nothing wrong with these types of differences because diversity within the movie scene is a good thing. That is one thing I truly appreciate with HIFF, the diversity and the fact that you are able to watch movies from all around the world including movies from Asian countries, European countries, and the Pacific. It is a great experience to be able to watch and evaluate movies from different countries and cultures.

Worth mentioning is that HIFF 2017 was different from HIFF 2015 because last year I met several journalists from countries such as France and Germany and the mainland. It felt like there were a larger variety of people compared to this year. At HIFF 2017 I noticed that there were more local people and less people from outside of Hawaii, which there is nothing wrong with, I think it’s great that the local community support HIFF.Overall it was a great experience and I personally believe that it is important to support events like HIFF because it stands for a good cause.

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  1. Alex

    Hi Anna!

    I agree that HIFF this year was very local film targeted compared to previous years. I think that is great as well, but I would have liked HIFF to focus on more international films, and possibly make another film festival just centered around local films. Overall I enjoyed HIFF this year and I think it is a great experience for students to meet and ask directors and producers questions about their films. Glad you got to see 5 films, that awesome!


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