1. Alex

    Hi Leah!

    Fascinating post! I think it’s great that HIFF included this film, spreading the word about pollution and sustainability. It is really interesting reading your post, especially the fact you bring up about 2030. It is truly devastating and shocking to think that by the year 2030 more plastic than sea life will be in the ocean. Very inspiring post and I will definitely look for this film to watch for myself.


  2. A really good film and a very true post!
    Of corse I knew about the pollution of our oceans before watching this film but since I grew up in a country without access to the ocean, this problem always seemed so far away. Now, since I live here in the middle of the pacific ocean I got much more aware of what we do to our environment. I found this film to be very interesting and at the same time eye-opening, I thought I knew a lot but what I saw and heard in the film shocked me! We all should start to make a change before it is too late, if it isn’t already…

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