The last men in Aleppo

I’m on my moped on my way to the theater, before I left I had done some research on my MacBook as to where this theater was located since this would be my first visit to this specific facility.  On the way I find myself being stuck at a parking lot, google maps clearly told me that this would be a road but in front of me is now this big fence. After taking a detour around the obstruction I arrive at the cinema, there’s a small line of people who are also there to get tickets for HIFF productions, the line takes for ever and the cashier might as well have hand written the tickets as opposed to using the ultra slow printer he had been assigned. Once I finally got the ticket and had passed another long line to get myself a $6 soda for the documentary I finally make it into the auditorium, about 5 minutes late.

The last men in Aleppo is about “The white helmets”, a group of volunteers that help the Syrian people from whatever horrors the war has brought upon them. This very group that we are following are located as the title might reveal in the city of Aleppo, a city that is under siege by both the regime and the Russian military with a constant threat of being bombed. It becomes very clear to me within the first 10 minutes of the documentary that all the problems I encountered on my way were insignificant and trifling when compared to those of the people in Aleppo’s. Shocking images of dead babies being pulled from rubble or best case still alive but severely injured and traumatized are shown in more than one scene and you quickly realize that this is their reality; this is their everyday life.

100 minutes later i exit the auditorium with a feeling of dejection and refreshed realization that the small problems most of us face every day are only a fragments worth of what millions of people go through on a daily basis. On my way back, the red lights doesn’t feel so long and the rain doesn’t fall as heavy as it did before.



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