Wrap Anlaysis

The 36 annual HIFF 2016 was one with fond memories. 177 films were presented from 41 various countries. Wow! I had the opportunity  and privilege to view many films; however because of prior tasks I only had the chance to view only 2 films. These two films however are the cream of the crop. I saw Lion, as well as another film Gaza Surf Club. I was very intrigued by these two films due to there honesty. These two genuinely created films, which both fall in the non fictional category were accurately portrayed and told a complete story. I however found Lion to personally be more tasteful to me, because of its depth. The Gaza Surf Club, although interesting due to my involvement in surf, as well as the middle east, had some setbacks such as I felt personally that the story had ended too fast without truly completing  its plot to the fullest. This film seemed to have been rushed out to view, but it was still nevertheless a great film indeed! The morning of the releasing of the film festival I had the opportunity to go an actual press conference for the festival. It was a wonderful experience to engage with local community, as well as press. I enjoyed the press conference immensely. The food was also a highlight on the side note. Go Halekulani! The highlight of the film festival had to have been seeing many of which I was one tearing up during the premiere of Lion. It meant a lot to me to really get the opportunity to get involved with HIFF. Thank you Lance, and thank you HPU for this opportunity. These two films did challenge my ideas somewhat. Gaza Surf Club in particular challenged me, because the ideals were a little different in that I come from a society in which women are allowed to surf, then that of  the  Gaza culture. I learned that throughout these two films something wonderful and refreshing to see is that these two cultures were really wrapped in there families. Family is so important to these two cultures, which is somewhat different than that of the Whole of America. Overall these two films, along with the press conference made my overall HIFF experience what it was a memorable one indeed!

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