Painting a Picture in Hawaii

There are many of ways that people show their appreciation for their culture and where they come from. Traditions, values, and people play a huge role in how a place is shaped. Art is a common form of creativity in which people share their talents with the world. In Hawaii graffiti has been a popular way for the Hawaiians to share their artistic side since the 1900’s. With different views of how this art portrays the Hawaiian Heritage there are mixed views on this form of creativity.

This documentary┬ácalled “Melle Murals” takes a look at the transformative power of a modernized form of art called graffiti in which the Hawaiians use to paint a picture. This film focuses on a town in Hawaii called Waimea where the younger generations are taking notice to everything around them. The focus is on two artists named Estria and John who carry the graffiti tradition throughout much of Hawaii. Although there are people that don’t agree with this as a form of appreciation, these two artists still have looked to make a resurgence to show that this a harmless way of painting the stories of the past. They spend their time not only painting walls but also reaching out to the youth and teaching them what this art form is really all about. With the education straying further away from the history of the Hawaiian culture this is one way they help to keep it in tact. They look to do this by providing examples and teaching these kids what this is all about. After dying down for a while the graffiti world is back on the rise and the younger generation are taking notice to participate as their way of appreciation as well.

The interviewees in this documentary not only share their personal experiences with art but also their past and how it relates to what they put into their work now. Whether they were coming from drug homes, poverty, or the street life it is all put into their paintings. At the center of it this community is working together to honor the past the present in the future through this form of art called graffiti.


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