Love is the connection that trumps all

Hawaii is commonly known for its deep and meaningful heritage which is shown in much of their culture. Love is one emotion that has been shown to overshadow all the other ones in most cases. The connections and relationships that are built are something that everyone on this Earth longs for with someone.

fullsizerender-jpg-1In Hawaii love and passion is always in the air its just a matter of time before you stumble upon it. This film called “A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream” brings out the love in everyone, and in every which kind of way.

This locally based Island film takes a focus on the culture and history behind parts of the Land through plants, trees, traditions etc. Although the topic of love is nothing to play with this romantic comedy will have you laughing throughout. Focusing on three different relationships that start off rather shallow in the beginning, end up taking a much deeper meaning after their experience and time on the island. A team of anthropologists seek to find artifacts in the Hemolele Forest on the island of Kauai before a developer tries to build his own shopping mall on the property. While on this journey these people are seeking to find more passion, love, and attention from one another to keep their relationships going strong. During all this commotion that is going on there are two local Hawaiian men looking to help preserve the land as well but also secretly to help these wanderers understand the love they are looking for.

In this forest is a special flower that is used for drawing the attraction of two people together if used properly. When the wrong people get their hands on it the love in the air can go crazy. During the film there is a lot of love in the atmosphere but it takes a while for this potion to kick in to the right people. After people go crazy in love they finally find the two things they had been looking for. A way to preserve the island and deeper meaning to their relationships with the significant other. Romance can be a dangerous thing to play with and when others try to play the match game it doesn’t always pan out the way you want it to.

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