Its A Wrap…

Entrance to the Regal Theatre with HIFF banner.

Overall I would say that I really enjoyed this process of the Hawaii Internation Film Festival┬áthis year. Although it was my first time at the festival and I didn’t get the full experience I still appreciated the time I did spend being a part of it. During the festival I saw a total of three films that not intended but ended up all tying into Hawaii. I saw two documentaries that included the “Gazda Surf Club” and the “Mele Murals”. One was about the real life circumstances and surfing culture in Gazda, while the other was about the history and graffiti in the Hawaiian Culture.

The last film that I saw was a romantic comedy called “A Midsummer Hawaiian Dream”. This film also had a Hawaiian theme that was centered around love and relationships while also incorporating the importance of the land in Hawaii. These films were chosen because of the availability and also my interest in Hawaii as well. Although I have been living here for the past two years these films gave me a new insight and deeper meaning into what the Hawaiian culture is like. Learning something new about where you are at for the moment is cool especially when not everyone will get a chance to see these films that were screened.

Unfortunately due to other priorities I wasn’t able to make the social and media press events but from what I hear it was a great first hand experience. Through much of this event and my postings that I put on this HIFF website it was very intriguing to see others experiences as well. The videos and posts were probably my favorite part of the experience other than the films themselves. Being a participant made me feel as if I was part of something that only people with credentials were part of. Its not everyday that you get a chance to see screenings and be critiques of films that are possibly going to be on the worldly scene in upcoming theaters. Creating these videos and being able to show a side of my creativity that I didn’t know I had was very enjoyable to me as well. I am not that big on films usually but this was definitely something that I enjoyed being a part of and was able to watch. All the films that I saw I really enjoyed and there wasn’t really negatives to the experience other than not being able to spend as much time as I really wanted at the festival itself.

During the festival I learned a lot about the Hawaiian culture with an in depth look at emotions, art, surfing, education, and traditions within it. Also about the topic of hope especially in the Gazda film because their harsh reality really makes you more appreciative about what you have here in America. Hopefully next year I will be able to come back and get the full experience with my peers at the press events and screenings. One piece of advice I would give for next year is that they have more screenings that can be available to students like the screenings at Aloha Tower or even on campus somewhere to make it more available to everyone. To wrap this experience up I just want to say thank you to all the parties involved for making this happen and showing me a good experience at the 2016 Hawaii International Film Festival.

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