Gaza Surf Club


In a place where people face the harsh realities of life with very little intuition of hope, Gaza is known for the poverty and tough circumstances. The people who live here are born and bred to stay there and trapped with few options to get out. A place where war, poverty, and a limited supply of resources is not the ideal way of living for any youth but that is all they know here. One way to escape and live out a fantasy for some of the people living in Gaza is through surfing and that is a major part of what this film takes a focus on.

Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine are the two well known German Producers responsible for this documentary called “Gaza Surf Club”. Not only do they take a very in depth look at the surfing that is taken up by many of these people but also the culture of this country as a whole. Throughout the film there are interviews conducted with many of the residents living in Gaza who talk about dreams of aspiring to be a great surfer or be an advocate of change for their country. There are many different views on the topic of surfing and how it is viewed as a whole by their society in general. Being accepted to do as a youth activity but not part of a reality for the older working generation, surfing is very frowned upon in most peoples eyes during this film.

The second half of the film was spent following the 23 year old Ibrahim who was a surfer himself, and also a big advocate for it. This film does a good job of painting a picture to show the differences of culture and living through his journey from Gaza into the United States for his extended stay. After being able to obtain a visa to enter into the United States, Ibrahim decides to make his way to Oahu to experience the life and surfing culture in this country. Although it is a little scattered throughout his stay, one thing is made clear and that is this tropic place known as paradise is not the reality for the average person living in Gaza. Through this chance Ibrahim becomes that person who is able to spark change and the source of aspiration for the youth back in Gaza who look to take the surfing culture to another level!

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