Final Word Wrap Analysis

Final word wrap analysis


It’s my third and last semester at HPU, and unfortunately, I only made it once to The Hawai’i Film Festival. Throughout my time here, I was always traveling with the tennis team or playing a tournament during the festival. This year I was very close to not making it again, but I did squeeze in some time to watch some very interesting and powerful movies. Definitely a very inspirational, professional and  helpful experience. Having the access to some of the most influential people in the sub-fields and the film industry it was positively challenging and inspiring. Firstly, I loved the fact that we got to have Lance Rae, in the morning class, and pretty much ask him everything we needed to know about the event, but also hear about his perspective on HIFF.

As an international student and cultural enthusiast, I did pick three different movies that would teach me something new about different ethnic/racial groups and their angle of view on the world and life. I find it difficult to pick which one I think it was the most interesting or educational, because they all presented a very narrow and specific point of view in different worlds and eras. I loved watching The Patriarch, seeing the Maori people, during the 60’s in a rural environment and what their values and behaviors are, made me go home and watch a documentary on New Zealand and its people, traditions, and culture. It was that intense and that interesting.

I must say, that luckily, I did pick pretty well my movies. They all taught me something new and significant, making my whole experience at HIFF a very pleasant one and writing the reviews on each of them was clearly a refreshing, positive experience. I hope that for the future, students at HPU, will still have the access and the benefits of attending this great event.

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