Final Word Analysis

Being from this island and living here for 21 years (my whole life), and being apart of HPU for not only my four years of college, but also my sisters 4 years of college; its been a long run. And sadly, I was only able to learn about HIFF this up close my Senior Year of college. I am not graduating until December of next year, but I am lucky to have had this much information given to me about HIFF so that I am able to return back when it comes around next year to watch and see the movies that the filmmakers produce about different cultures. I am excited!

During the whole time that HIFF was here, I was always busy with volleyball, in fact the whole week that it was here on O’ahu, I was in California on a road trip for volleyball. Sadly, I did not get to see any films in person that I was interested in due to my athletic duties here at HPU. Luckily for me, I was able to get screenings of a couple of movies and it worked out that the movies l tied to Hawai’i. Which is ironic because I am from here and know a lot about the culture because I am Hawaiian. But this time I was able to see Hawai’i through someone else’s eyes.

The overall HIFF experience for me, was that I wish that I could have been apart of it more. I was too busy with all of my other duties that I was not able to enjoy myself and get lost in the films. I wish that in the future, that I could hopefully get to watch a film in person or a couple of films in person to experience it and to see the hard work of the producers and directors and all those who took their time to produce the films presented in HIFF.


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