Appreciation Post

Thank you to the Honolulu International Film Festival for providing 36 years of wonderful films. Films that have stretched from Asia to Hawai’i. I am sure that Hawai’i is always grateful to have films that were created by many producers, be promoted and broadcasted here. Through HIFF many producers, directors, and actors were able to be recognized. It is very inspirational to have a program that incorporates many cultures.

Throughout the span of this festival, it incorporated films that were made locally in Hawai’i, films about Hawai’i, films from Asia such as anime, or Japanese films, films from the Philippines, documentaries, and short films. HIFF has brought to life many different ideas and has created an atmosphere where creators can share their work openly and freely. HIFF offers a lot of insight on different cultures, different perspectives on cultures and different opinions on how others view cultures.

This post is simply what it says, an appreciation post. I so deeply wish that I could have seen a movie at the Dole Cannery, but my schedule did not intermingle with the schedule on HIFF. I am glad that I got to experience HIFF for one of my classes, it was very educational. I am very appreciative of how HIFF helps to promote other directors and producers. Until next time, thank you HIFF and all who has made 36 years of film possible.

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