A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream

This movie, and like many movies that caught the eye of anyone is about love. And to me, love will conquer all. Love is something that can either make or break you. Love is what makes us laugh and cry for someone, or something. Love is something that we all should experience, because without love, their is no life.

In Hawaiian love is, “Aloha”. I’m sure everyone has learned this phrase if they have every set foot on this island, or any of the other Hawaiian islands. In Hawai’i all you hear is “Aloha!” and all you feel is the aloha (love) that the Hawaiian culture is trying to eminate through their cultural background.

Who’s to say that we all might just fall in love with this beautiful island? Or find love on it? This locally based film is a romantic comedy. It shows three relationships that start off pretty bland and not so as many would say, “lovey dovey” and end up being full of love after couples have had some of that “aloha” in Hawai’i.

The basic summary of this whole movie is that their is a team of anthropologists who are trying to find artifacts in the Hemolele Forest, which is on Kaua’i before a developer builds a shopping mall on the property. While the anthropologists are trying to find artifacts to keep the building of the shopping mall from starting, they meet two Hawaiian men who are trying to preserve the land too, and these two Hawaiian men teach these anthropologists understand the love that they are looking for.

And of course if you can imagine, these anthropologists find the love that they were looking for, as well as preserving the island.To me, love can hurt you or make you live all at the same time. The person that you give your heart to is up to you, through love and trust you will grow and learn to love someone else, like you never thought you would. Everyone needs some love in their life.


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