36 Years of Film – HIFF

The Honolulu International Film Festival have been just as they are saying, “supporting film and film makers for 36 years”. The HIFF crew is somewhat of an inspiration to me, all because they are trying to promote and share others dreams with the world. For now, 36 years of its existance that is what HIFF is all about. More specifically, HIFF is trying to promote more of the Asian films to the Western part of the world and introduce it.

“Each year in preparation for the event, HIFF programmers view some 1,000 films and choose an average of 150 features, documentaries and film shorts. Among them are world premieres, North American premieres, U.S. premieres, experimental films, animation and digital works representing social and ethnic issues, and first features by new directors.”

As exciting as each year sounds, with new films being added every year, HIFF consumers are being given such a wide range of opportunity to explore and see the different cultural backgrounds of each director. We are able to see how they look at certain cultures. We are able to learn more about them, through their films.

“HIFF is unique in discovering features, documentaries and shorts from Asia made by Asians, films about the Pacific made by Pacific Islanders, and films made by Hawai`i filmmakers that present Hawai`i in a culturally accurate way.” Although, majority of the purpose of HIFF is to promote films made by Asia but it also shows films and promotes about Hawai’i. It would only make sense for them to do so, since the word “Hawai’i” is in “HIFF” right?

Being a local and being born and raised on this island, I am excited to see how the filmmakers percieves us natives to the land. I am excited to see their imaginations come to life as they direct a movie about the culture of Hawai’i.

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