Wrap Analysis: HIFF 2016


On the red carpet

This year at HIFF 2016 I watched three movies, Prison Dogs, That Demon Within, and The Freedom to Marry. I chose Prison Dogs because anything with dogs interest me. That Demon Within was a convenient movie for myself due to it being screened at HPU. I saw the trailer swell and although I am not much of an action movie type of person, it seemed pretty intriguing. Lastly, I chose The Freedom to Marry because it is about a topic that I am very pro of and I wanted to learn more about how same-sex marriage laws were passed.

This is my second year participating in HIFF and I feel really privileged to have the opportunity to get to see movies for free. I am very excited for next year and hopefully get to see more than three movies, partic

ularly more movies that are local based. What I learned from HIFF is that it is a big event and more people should try to be more involved. This only comes once a year, but there are numerous movies that will fit everyones taste.

My highlight of the film festival has to be when a lot of HPU students came to see Prison Dogs but it was not planned so I thought that was fun. Also, we had a little photo shoot on the red carpet and that was also really fun. This also made for awesome video footage and Instagram post.


HPU Students on the Red Carpet. From left to right: Gabriella Marzullo, Amanda Kowalski, Mariah Castro, Lauren Martinez, Leah Crawford

One film I know for sure challenged by ideas or values and was very flustered by was when I heard about all the negative views of the lesbian and gay community in The Freedom to Marry. These protestors were making these people seem like they were so bad, but all they wanted to do was get married legally. Other than that challenging moment, I really enjoyed all the films I watched.

The cultures that HIFF promoted was very moving. You see a lot of asian based films but I noticed that there were a fair amount of Korean films being shown. I really enjoyed that, although I did not get the chance to watchany. I hope there are more next year because I became more interested in Korean culture.

The collaboration with HPU and HIFF is so beneficially for me. I believe with the whole going to an event and gathering information and writing about it helps me prepare for the workplace after college. It is a good skill-set to have and it is great that HPU is helping students get out of the classroom and work as a real time reporter.

Every year I encourage others to go to HIFF. I do this by word-of-mouth because it always seems to come up in the conversation with others. I recommend it because it is an event made by people who work for years to produce this one film. It is always worth a shot to watch a film one time and able to appreciate how much a director and the producers d0 to make their visuals come to life.

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