1. Vania Boediman

    Looks like you enjoyed this film and you explained detailed enough for me to understand the storyline. This is simple yet interesting review to read. Great Job Elle!

  2. Joshua Sheetz

    Hi Elle, I kept seeing the preview for this film in the preroll for the movies I believe, it was a clip of a guy sitting when a polar bear walks up to him. That clip for some reason stuck with me the entire duration of the festival and I couldn’t figure out what movie it was. And thanks to your great review of the film I believe it was this film. I will be looking online to try and check this one at. I really enjoy movies that build characters throughout the movie peeling back the layers of the character throughout.

  3. Nicole Lockwood

    Elle: I saw this film as well I thought it was a pretty good film, I liked how it was a really slow paced sort of film. There were times when I didn’t really know where the film was going. The bear was such a spinout for me I was really confused as to what it all meant. I assumed that it had to do with hallucinations and mental illness but I guess the filmmaker just wanted us to really think about it because it wasn’t really explained at the end. Great review.

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