Trespass Against Us

Trespass Against Us is a British crime drama film that is directed by Adam Smith and written by Alastair Siddons. The film stars has some big names, the only one I knew though was Michael Fassbender. Not a bad actor/performance. Well done Michael.

Interestingly, I found out that the film has been selected to be screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. We’ll see how that goes.

Chad (played by Fassbender) lives in a trailer park with his family amongst a community whom he’s shared his space with for years, including his uneducated, rude father who is somewhat of an authority in the trailer park especially to his son regardless of him being an adult with a family. Chad is regularly in trouble with the police, his father is a bad influence who doesn’t believe in even sending Chad’s kids to school. He wants everyone to stay in the trailer park and live the criminal life just doing things around, concerning oneself with local dramas. Chad wants to get away, this task will be a hard one because of Daddy Colby – not the best guy around.

This movie wasn’t up my alley. Personally I felt like I needed a shower afterwards, kinda like how you feel after watching a Jersey Shore marathon. The particular characters in this film and the setting were just so unlikable for me, the way they lived, spoke and everyone’s personal hygiene was a turn off! Except for Chad and his wife, they were ok. But the whole atmosphere/vibe the movie gave me… ehhh. Not for me. I wanted to know how other people reacted to it and what their opinions were on the film.

So I looked it up, the first review I came across from another viewer was on IMDb: “I hadn’t walked out of a movie in years, let alone one that was screening at a film festival I support, but I walked out of this one. After an hour, I couldn’t take another minute. I kept waiting for one redeemable moment, one action, thought, or even expression from one of the characters that I could empathise with. But none was forthcoming.” 

My review is my genuine opinion, but I wanted to include someone else’s as they reflect my stance on the film pretty much. Unfortunate. But I hope someone out there was able to enjoy it a little more.

This film is scheduled to release in the United Kingdom in March of 2017 – I will be following it’s success in the box office! Perhaps it’s originating country might welcome the film with warmer arms and differing perspectives.

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One comment

  • Joshua Sheetz

    Hi Nicole, I read reviews of a couple other people on this film as well and no one seemed to like it either. They all said the same things as you that it lacked pretty much any excitement. I wonder why so many people have found this movie so off putting. I kind of want to see the movie now to see for myself. Great review non the less sometimes movies just are not our style and we need reviews that reflect that as well. Good job keeping it positive though.