The transformation of Gaza’s surf youth!

The film Gaza Surf Club expresses ever so beautifully the progressive journey to a hope which starts and ends on the coastal waters of Gaza. The films bright characters are what creates for a captivating story of loss, hope, unity, and the ability to be free in a war torn area.


The film follows mainly the life of a 23 year old boy Ibrahim who has the desire to build and create a Surf Club and area for surfers to hang out. Because of a young surfer  Matt who Ibrahim met in Gaza, Ibrahim gets the chance of a life time and travels to Hawaii in order to learn how to make surfboards and run a Surf Club business. Ibrahim takes full possession of this opportunity and becomes an agent of change for the surf youth back in Gaza.


 He does it! Gaza Surf Club is official and hope is restored back into the lives of Gaza’s surfing youth.


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