The Growing, Digital Fire that is HIFF

This year was Hawaii International Film Festival’s 36th Anniversary, and I could not have been more excited to attend. Last year in 2015 was my first time attending HIFF, and I had the experience of a lifetime as I attended the opening ceremony, where I met many HIFF associates and several inspiring business partners that I will know for a lifetime. Though I was unable to attend the opening ceremony this year, my expectations were just as high and they were met with outstanding films to be offered. Much of the reason I am passionate about my major at Hawaii Pacific University, where I study Mass Communications, is due to the offerings of several special events such as the Hawaii International Film Festival and the exposure that is given to HPU students about the real world and what we can expect in our future careers.

Being a Mass Communications major, it was important throughout my experience of seeing films to really digest what the speakers from the film had to say; the sibling of the director for the movie “Prison Dogs” was very informative and told us much about the background of the inmates which were the subjects of the film. To be ahead in our area of focus, communications, you really have to be a brave heart. The easiest way to move forward in this career is through networking, and meeting individuals from events such as HIFF is what will genuinely push us millennials forward toward the future.

The Hawaii International Film Festival is on its 36th year, and its an event you do not want to miss out on. The festival goes on for one whole week and offers to those living in the pacific an opportunity to explore the arts and craftsmanship of the most modern documentaries and movies produced by directors and actors also coming from the Pacific Rim. Though the majority of HIFF films are shown at the Dole Cannery Theater, some are shown throughout the island of Oahu in places such as the Hawaii Pacific University campus, University of Hawaii campus, Waimea, and also the Big Island and Kauai.

If you were unable to attend this year, the festival will be back next November in 2017 where there will be, yet, even more, outstanding modern films to continue fueling this growing, successful, digital fire that is HIFF!

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