“The Freedom to Marry”: Same-sex Marriage Movement

The Freedom to Marry documented the greatest event in history for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. The Freedom to Marry captures the process Evan Wolfson and his team at his company “Freedom to Marry” did to pass same-sex marriage in America.

This documentary showed the campaigning process Wolfson did across America. Himscreen-shot-2016-11-13-at-6-09-52-pm and his team created relationships with the public to get them on their side. They campaigned for numerous years in preparation for when attorney Mary Bonauto presented this case to the Supreme Court.

The Freedom to Marry also captures the negative aspects of their campaign in which protestors speak negatively about same-sex marriage. Adding both ends of the argument really makes this film so rich in content.

I believe that this had to be my favorite film from the whole film festival. This film gave me so much emotions due to the stories that were told and how long it took for this law to be passed. Also, I love the way they went into full force of campaigning and really focused on promoting their message.

I went from angry, anxious, and happy all in one documentary. I was angry due to hearing all the negativity about LGBT community, to anxious when the “Freedom to Marry” team waited five decision days before hearing the results. Lastly, I ended on a happy note due to the law being passed. Although this law was passed one year ago and I knew what the end result was, the mood of the characters and the way that their facial expressions and body language were captured influenced my emotions.

I loved seeing the way they campaigned due to being an advertising student. They really put effort into making posters, signs, and t-shirts that personalize to each state they went to. I also really like how they would do major research with focus groups about the topic to make sure that they are getting all sides of the story first to help with their argument in the Supreme Court.

Overall, I give this film a 10/10. The shots and editing was really well captured and the interviews they had with protestors on both the positive and negative sides were very informative. I would suggest this film for others to see because the amount of work that people have done for this law to pass is very moving.

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