That Demon Within: Movie Review


The battle between the inner self and a criminal in the real world, haunted Dave Wong. This police officer hid his past from the outside world, and revisited his haunting past after he unknowingly saved the life of a criminal named Han, also called “The Demon King.”

Dave’s sanity is questioned and put to the test as the quest for justice continues throughout the story. Little by little his past is uncovered and we find that Dave was abused by his father as a kid, and as a kid punished his father by setting their house to flames and locking his family inside.

His horrific past haunts him and Dave has to learn to control his anger when times get heated and he sees no way out except through violence. A red fume would surround him when he was about to do something violent, and this showed the audience the anger and fear inside of him.

Through the use of unique camera tricks, slow motion, and red filters to show anger, Dante Lam, the director, was able to express the internal battle that Dave Wong could not escape from. His past followed him, and being a cop was his only accomplishment.

The actor of Dave Wong, Daniel Wu, did an amazing job representing the internal struggle inside of the unstable Hong Kong police officer. His blank stares and enraged expressions showed the two sides of the police officer with accuracy. When Dave had hallucinations of his past, one could really feel the intense fear he was fighting and could not run away from.

The end of the movie is where everything came together, and his past was revealed to the audience. After all the dots were connected, it was obvious that Dave’s past was taking over him. His fear of fire played a major role throughout the film, and in the end the fire that consumed him on the inside and was met with a fire that consumed him on the outside.


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