“That Demon Within”: Its Fire…Literally

still_thatdemonwithinThat Demon Within is a thriller that takes the good, the bad, and the ugly and meshes them all together in this action packed movie.

Main character Dave Wong was a policeman in Hong Kong until his life changed when he donated blood to the leader of a street demon gang (Hon), which saved his life. They are considered demons due to the mask they wear that resemble demons and the violent acts of robbery, and killing whoever gets in their way.

Hon escaped the hospital and the police were after him. During this time, Wong started having flashbacks of his past, which consisted of his father’s gruesome death. After his father’s killing, he took revenge on the police officer who killed him and that guilt lived with him forever.

Along with that guilt came a mental illness that made Wong hear a voice in his head that made him do violent acts. With doing so, he targeted each member of the demon gang which does cause for a pretty ending.

I really like this movie due to two reasons; it makes you want to watch more and the camera work, acting, and footage was done exceptionally well.

This movie makes you piece the story together which I love. All the information is present in the film, but the audience needs to take all that information and put the story together. I love this concept because you need to watch the whole movie to understand it. During the whole movie I was coming up with reasoning behind everything, but it all came together at the ending of the movie because you got the final piece of the puzzle.

Also the camera work and acting was very impressive. I love the camera work when it was up close to Wong’s face, it really captured the essence of the scene. Also the scenes of objects exploding was really neat when they focus on one item and put it in slow motion. One particular scene has to be when they were in the streets and it was the police versus the demon gang. One of the demon gang members shot under the car and hits the gas tank. They focused on the glass shattering towards the male policeman then having the fire hit him. The acting was really well done as well. Especially the fighting scenes and how they looked realistic. Also, you could feel the energy when it was a scene with tension.

Overall I give this movie a 9 out of 10 due to the length of the movie and the extensive story line to find out the answer to make the story go all together. A lot of the scenes could have gone together to make it more sequential. Besides that, this movie should be shown in theaters due to its story line mixed with bloody action.

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