That Demon Within HPU Premiere

Asian Cinorama Co-presented by the Asian Film Awards Academy Roadshows, the Cinematic Multimedia Club And Akamai Advertising Club at Hawaii Pacific University, in association with the Hawaiian International Film Festival, hosted a premiere for Hong Kong supernatural crime thriller That Demon Within.


The premiere was set for November 9th, 6pm at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Students and teachers had worked hard to set up a functional premiere that was open to all students and the public.

When entering the Multi-purpose room #3 people were greeted by Ann-Marie Manzulli and Peter J. O. Britos, both professors at Hawaii Pacific University. There was parking validation for people parking at Aloha Tower.

The premiere had one hundred seats with tables, and two projector screens, one on each side of the venue. The Akamai Advertising club had blasted the school with their self-designed movie posters in hope of a great turn out.

About 60 people came out for the premiere. Before the movie every person was served free Pizza and beverages. Then, Cinematic Multimedia Club Vice President Corbin Gregory and HPU Student Body President Christopher Morrow opened the premiere with welcoming speeches. The lights went out and the action started.

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-16-33-pmThe movie itself was an interesting cop-gangster extravaganza with lots of action and cool special effects. Early on we are introduced to a cop in his late twenties. As the movie progresses we understand that he has had a rough past. It seems that his past is always coming back to haunt him as he starts seeing people that he knows are dead.

That Demon Within is a super cool movie in an rear seen Asian setting. After talking to the audience after the premiere it was clear that people wanted to see more of asian action films.

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