“Prison Dogs”: Sentenced for a Lifetime of Cuteness

Prison Dogs is a documentary film that was a heartwarming comedy which taught you about the journey that inmates have with their new companion.

Prison Dogs took place in Fishkill, New York with a program called “Puppies Behind Bars” founded by Gloria Gilbert Stoga. Willing inmates of a highscreen-shot-2016-11-13-at-6-08-36-pm security prison are given the chance to work with puppies and train them for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Inmates must train the puppies 100 commands that range from snuggling with their owner to calling 911 when their owner is having a reaction. Inmates must teach their puppy in a course of two years and if successful, they will graduate and go with their new owner.  This film shows not only so many adorable dogs, but the stories behind few inmates, why they are in prison, and the stories of veterans and how they are dealing with PTSD. Many inmates saw this opportunity as a way of redemption of their wrong doings and were put to the test by Stoga.

I personally was drawn to this film because it was about dogs, but it was much more than that. The overall message about how much inmates can change their lives with this program and learn a new skill set of taking responsibility of another live other than their own was really moving. Also, it was very educational about PTSD and how much I did not know about it and how much veterans can suffer from this disability.

I had a few favorite parts from the documentary and one of which was when the inmates first got assigned their puppies. These are tough looking men, but melted when they received their puppy and was talking in a baby voice was very entertaining. Also, another favorite part of the documentary was when the dogs graduated from their schooling and they said their last goodbyes to their trainers. It was a real tear jerking moment, which tied the whole movie together and showed the progress throughout the two year span.

On a scale 1-10, I give this movie a 9. The reason I gave this movie a 9 and not a 10 is due to the lack of information of the subjects. For example one inmate named Shannon was a main character in the beginning until he was removed from the program. I wish their was an explanation at the end on what happened to him in terms of did her get out of jail, or what he is doing with his time for the remaining of his sentence.

Overall, I really enjoyed this documentary and I was not expecting it to be humorous, so I really enjoyed that addition.

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