Phillips and Zoe Don’t Miss, ‘The Bone Of A Whale’ is splendid.

‘The Bone Of A Whale’ was my favorite movie at the 36th Annual Hawai’i International Film Festival. The dynamic duo of Phillips Payson and Zoe Eisenberg followed their amazingly, quirky film ‘Throuple’ from last year’s HIFF, with another unorthodox, fun film. If you didn’t see ‘Throttle’, you can see my review for it here: “Throuple” What’s Normal Anyway?


The movie begins with two gentlemen, Kelly and Sam, partying and having a grand ol’ time on the beach. It appears as though this is how they spend most of their days. Sam is an older gentleman so he’s probably lived the family, corporate life already. We don’t really know because the movie never tells us. Kelly on the other hand is a younger, handsome, fit man. He comes off as a rolling stone, sort of a backpacker who goes place to place trying to find the next thing.

While walking around the beach, Kelly stumbles upon mysterious bone of some sort. After bringing it back to the campfire, Kelly begins to question his existence. What is he doing? Why is he here?

Kelly once again finds himself wondering around the shore, this time he stumbles upon Sam passed out in near the shore. He pulls Sam from the water and places him back at camp. This was his signal that it was time to move on. He packs his things and heads towards the road where he hitchhikes with two women in a truck.

I can relate to Kelly. I was in a similar place when I graduated high school. I went to a junior college for one year. I played football for that school. A year later, I was done. I just worked. A year later I was done with that. A year after that, I joined the military. The rest is history.

We don’t always know what’s next. Some people try to plan their whole life, others try to live in the moment. Kelly is definitely the latter. I recommend this film to anyone and everyone but especially to younger adults ages 18-25. I believe that is the age range that can relate most to this film and learn from it.

This movie gets five out of five stars from me. I love Zoe and Phillips work and look forward to whatever they have coming next.


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