Looking back on the 36th Annual HIFF

The 36th annual Hawaiian Film Festival had more movies to watch then there was time. I happened to see a few good documentaries relevant to Hawaii they were: Gaza Surf Club, Poisoning Paradise And the Revolution to save Hawaii, Island Earth, and Indivisible.

Those particular films were of interest to me because of their relevance to the island and their impact on society. Documentaries always seem like a good choice because you learn things from them.

The highlight for me was seeing Gaza Surf Club, and hearing from one of the films directors and a featured star. It was really cool to see that someones hard work made such an epic motion picture.


Participating in HIFF gave me the opportunity to learn about film making, and made me wiser for seeing crucial works of sophisticated truth. There was a moment of awakening, I have a long way to go in making really good content and media.

All of the documentary films I viewed made me think deeply about other people and the struggles we all face collectively.

Modern documentaries are so important to tell stories that might get overlooked in the unlimited amount of entertainment that is always available.

One film I didn’t review was Psycho Raman, someone at the festival suggested it, and was definitely not my cup of tea. After about 45 minutes I had to walk out due to the disturbing nature of the film. I’m not one for taking in negative vibes or thinking. This movie much like many of similar genre, are films that intentionally cause disturbance to the viewer, glorifying murder and violence, portraying evil acts as entertainment while exploiting a person’s curiosity. Sad that so many film makers choose to sell negative vibes as artists just to make a living in the industry. Definitely no regrets about not finishing, needs a rating.

Hawaii is really the gathering place and there were representations of peoples from all over the globe. The films were amazing and it was a unique experience to participate in. This experience was helpful in me assessing what direction I want to take in my future creative endeavors. The collaboration between HPU and HIFF was very valuable to my writing skills, and now I want to write blogs and reviews for movies every day.

The HIFF experience was something I will never forget.

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