Goodbye HIFF 2016! Hello HIFF 2017!


Now that all the excitement of the Hawaii International Festival of 2016 is over, I can now say that I am so ready for HIFF 2017! I had my eyes on a few different movies this year, but sadly I was only able to see two of them. With such a crazy schedule this semester I missed out on some great films that caught my eye. But next year I am ready to find that free time to watch all the movies I want and more!

I have lived on this island for almost four years and I have never even ben to Dole Cannery! Dole Cannery is the perfect location for the Hawaii International Film Festival! The entrance is like walking into a broadway musical like in the movies! My favorite set up was the HIFF red carpet and wall as soon as you walk in the doors. My friends and I took a bunch of pictures and had a blast pretending like we were on a real red carpet.

Out of the two movies I watched, Prison Dogs was my favorite! When I went to watch it I knew it was about prisoners and dogs, but I had no idea military veterans would be in the film. My dad is in the Army and has been deployed once in Afghanistan, so the parts were the veterans shared their stories about being deployed really touched me. It also scared me to see what can happen in war, and how it can change a soldier’s life. I was very emotional at the end of the documentary. Watching the three veterans with huge smiles on their faces, and being with their service dogs really touched me. I also have a great respect for the inmates who took on the challenge and had to part from the puppies they trained for two years. Overall, this as a great film and I hope my family and I can watch it together.

That Demon Within was the second film I watched, and it was very interesting to me. Obviously the fact that it was not in English was something very new to me. I do not watch foreign films, so to sit for two hours reading subtitles and listening to their language was very different. Besides the language, this was my kind of movie! I love movies that, at the very end, everything comes together and you have to go back and piece things together in your mind. That Demon Within is truly a unique movie that I would love to watch again!

I was so happy with my experience I will from now on go to Dole Cannery to watch movies instead of the Ward theater! And this is all thanks to HIFF! Next year I hope to watch at least 5 HIFF films in 2017, and maybe even attend the opening press conference. I was unable to go this year because I had class, so that is something to look forward to as well! Just like Dole Cannery, I have never been to the location where the Press Conferences are held. The Hawaii International Film Festival has opened my world to new experiences and different points of views through film that I cannot get anywhere else. This was a great first experience at HIFF and I cannot wait till next year to broaden my perspective on life and film.

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