Get your tissues ready! Film premiere of Lion

Wednesday| November 09, 2016

By: Carina Lara


“We owe it to the Director

 “Bringing to light the unseen” Film Premiere of Lion      A captivating tender hearted story that was beautifully and accurately portrayed. We owe it to the Director. Thank you for bringing to light the unseen and for capturing the beauty of the forgotten and most often looked over individuals.

“Bringing to light the unseen”

On the evening of November 9th I had the incredible opportunity to watch the Hawaii International Film Festival 2016 “center piece” film Lion by Director Garth Davis. What  first seemed to be a normal 8:00pm film screening quickly turned into a theatre full of tearful film enthusiasts trying hard to hold back their tear drops rolling down the cheeks of their face. This film indeed was placed quite perfectly into the scheduling off the film festival"We owe it to the Director"! Lion Film Premiere
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