This was my second time at HIFF but was a much better experience. The first time I went I only saw one film while this time I saw five and really invested my time into it. I am a lot more interested in films then I was my first time and I really enjoyed this festival! I saw five films total, which included Two Lovers and a Bear, Toto, Trespass Against Us, Patterson, and Jackie. I chose these films based on scheduling and what was appealing to me when seeing the trailers. I wanted to go into the festival being open about which films to see. I saw Jackie because I find the Kennedys very interesting and thought this would be a different perspective of the assassination of JFK. Unfortunately I was not on island for the opening press conference so I was only present for the films.

The highlight of the festival for me was the Q&A at the end of Toto. It was so interesting to hear from the people who made this film a reality and hearing the backstory on it. I had never gotten that privilege with a film before. Participating in HIFF was a very special experience for me. I really enjoyed being a part of it and I think that it motivated and inspired me in my own work. I think that the films challenged my thinking in different ways. In Toto it was interesting to see the journey of a man trying to come to America and how important it was for him. It is something I had not really thought about before so it was really interesting. In Patterson it made me want to get up and do something. In this film Patterson’s life was very scheduled and nothing too huge happened and it made me want to live a different life than him. I really liked seeing films from other countries and seeing a different view on things. I really enjoyed all the movies I saw and I had a great experience at HIFF. I would recommend this festival to anyone who is interested in film or learning different views on things. It was a very great experience for me to participate and it sparked some creativity in me to challenge my thinking and my ideas for films.

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